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Nature and science inspire us to use and store energy more efficiently

Dear Friends,

This website is about the FlexPower project, which aims to demonstrate the advantages of fueling Solid Oxide Fuel Cells (SOFCs) directly with biofuels over thermal engines for generating distributed power.

This project brings together the Italian research center CNR-ITAE with two Brazilian universities: IQSC-USP (Sao Paulo) and COPPE-UFRJ (Rio de Janeiro). Science and resources will be exchanged between the two countries to boost economic and technological development. This is the scope of the call launched by MAECI (Italy) and CONFAP (Brazil) in 2020, which aims to award grants to high relevance research projects.

As the coordinator of this project, I welcome you to this website dedicated to learning more about electrochemical technologies based on ceramic materials. Today, these technologies are considered to be the most effective means of storing and producing renewable energy.

Let us know your thoughts in the blog by leaving a comment or a question.

Have a nice flexpower day.


Massimiliano Lo Faro

The project falls within the MAECI-CONFAP Joint Science and Technology Cooperation